From a young age, I really enjoyed playing around with my Dad's old Pentax ME Super SLR. Since that young age, photography has been in and out of my life in various forms. In year 9 at secondary school, the passion was renewed in taking a photography class at school (and learning to develop my own prints). First year of university with another class was taken as part of an unrelated subject to my course. At the age of 21 I received my first digital camera, a Kodak DC3400 (a 2.1 Megapixel camera which still works to this day).

My passion for photography really didn't take off until I received my first Digital SLR (Nikon D5000) camera in 2009 and since this, I have really gone into it head first picking up plenty of gear and technique along the way.

Early in 2010 I was introduced to two photographers (David Reid and Edward Hor) that have really shaped the direction I'd like to take my photography in. However, I enjoy experimenting with different styles also.

Based in Melbourne Australia I have worked with some of the most beautiful people from the area, along with various models from interstate and internationally along with being published in a variety of magazines.