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Weekly update 24/04/16

Wow, ok, no posts because I was stupidly quiet, now no posts coz I've been stupidly busy! When it rains it pours, but I love it!

Lets start with the beautiful Dahlia Black. It's been a long time coming, but finally managed to get her into the studio! A very quick shoot, but with a few different looks. Some of the Alvarado style stuff (who she has actually worked with), playing with the ring flash, then finishing with the harsh B&W stuff I've been doing lately.  All in various forms of lingerie (yep, tough job).

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Weekly (lol) update 8/04/16

Well, here I am... it's been a while... and yes, due to personal commitments, I haven't been shooting. My first since the last update was an amazing all day shoot with the stunning Venus Starr!

So from 9am to 9pm, a lot of driving, and half a dozen different looks, we're done. Such an amazing model to work with, I had almost forgotten how amazing she was on our last shoot.  It's always fun when an internationally published popular model wants to do multiple shoots with you.  My Elinchrom Eco ringflash being the star of the day lighting wise, although the Phottix Luna still got a bit of a workout.  Here's a couple of pics we came up with...

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Weekly (well, I try) Update 18/03/16

Well, looks like I jumped the gun with the last update. Nothing ended up happening. This week however a couple of shoots to share... well, one to share, one to write about.

So firstly we have my shoot last night with the amazing Jaskola.  Her face paint was done by Taylor Wilson.  Going for a bit of an alien theme with this one.  Also let me play a little with hard light and barn doors.  Typically with no catch lights in the eyes, I'm not normally a fan of the shot, but in this case, due to it being a little alien, I don't mind it so much.

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Weekly Update 6/03/16 (whoops)

Yup, two days late. I have a valid excuse though, this time, filled with a couple of shoots! More content for you all!

It all started on Saturday with an awesome shoot with the always amazing Dracovinia.  Such an amazing model.  A trip to Gembrook in the Dandenong ranges to meet up with the lovely Red Phoenix Photography due to her knowing the area (plus always fun to have along).  A nice waterfall area to shoot some artistic nudes on.  The downside to being a waterfall, you can't hear anything... yep, a group of people managed to catch us.  We didn't notice until we were packing up.  Ahhh well, such is life and luckily Dracovinia isn't shy.  Continuing on after that, into so rocks in a nice gothic outfit, shot some pics with the plan on some heavy Photoshop (and Fusion) work afterwards.  This is what I came up with...

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Weekly Update 26/02/16

Another week zips on past, I swear they're getting shorter. Maybe I'm just old? If you haven't checked it out already, earlier today I posted my interview with the always AMAZING Katarina Sin who launched her website this week.

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Weekly Update 19/02/2016

Yes yes, I know I missed another week, but it was another week where nothing happened. I promise I'll make it up to you all!

However this week, two shoots. One for clients that I won't show here, but it's totally different to what I usually do, kids for commercial shots.  A lot of fun, but exhausting.  Not something I'd move to permanently, however, it's good as a change.

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Weekly Update 5/02/16

Ok, so yes, I missed last week. But you didn't miss much, my only shoot I had planned ended up being rescheduled. So quiet this time of year, it's almost surprising, I thought so many would be keen for beach photo shoots!

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Weekly Update 23/1/16

Another week and another shoot, yeah, it's kind of a quiet time of year! So this is a day late, yup, I know.... blame Diablo 3!

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Weekly Update 15/1/16

Another week passes on by, still pretty quiet, but managed to knock out a shoot, plus organise some others for the near future.

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Weekly (nearly) Update 8/01/16

Well, here we are... 2016, yes, I know I missed last week. Slack. I did do my best of 2015 post though!

So only two shoots in the last two weeks, and only one of those to share pics of here (still working on the other).  Firstly it was the lovely Dallas Rayne in an AMAZING location (which I've been sworn to secrecy!).  Quite a mix of outfits and backgrounds, but all glamour!  It's been a while since I've shot straight up glam, a bit out of practice.  Some nice shots there however.  Nothing to show yet though.  You'll just have to keep an eye on my various social media accounts (linked on the About page).

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Weekly Update 25/12/15

Wow, Christmas again?!?!? Where has the time gone... oh yeah, to 90 photo shoots along with a full time job....

So this week, two shoots, three models (don't worry, no cups....).

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Weekly Update 18/12/15

Last update before Christmas! Yep, getting to that time of year again! I hope you have presents all sorted out!

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Weekly Update 11/12/15

Really getting to the business end of the year now, but still quite busy. Gotta love it! This week, a Christmas shot and a couple of clients in an epic 999 photo shoot!

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Weekly Update 4/12/15

Well, in to the final month of the year. Is it just me, or has this year blasted on past super quick? This past week however, yup, back to being busy. Love it!

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Weekly Update 27/11/15

Final week of November and another calendar shoot done. That was meant to finish it off, but unfortunately for personal reasons, one of the girls shot for it wishes not to be in it anymore. Luckily enough, I have an appropriate model booked in next week for it... phew, lucky me!

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Weekly Update 20/11/15

Getting to the business end of November. I'm still not used to writing 2015...

So this week, zip, nothing, nada. I did have one planned, but unfortunately it fell through. The fortunate thing however is I did manage to clear out my edit queue.  It's crazy seeing 0 in my quick collection (where I store my queue in Lightroom).  All prepared for the next couple of weeks.

I did put out a casting call for a photo book I'm putting together.  Having a bit of fun throwing pics together.  If you know of anyone that may want to get involved, get them to send me an email

Photo of the week had a clear standout this week, my throwback Thursday pic of the beautiful Kellie.  Still really happy with this set.

Original here

Coming up, two shoots currently booked in along with a third maybe.  Hoping they all go through, the quiet period has me wondering what to do!

Weekly Update 13/11/15

Another week gone, another shoot in the bag.

Yep, a slow week this week with only the one shoot.  Quite happy with the results of that though.  Shoot was for the calendar with a few other shots on the side, and at the last minute, we decided to use the shower. 

 A relatively new model in the lovely Cecilia Tan, but she did amazingly well.  Better than some more experienced models in fact.  Happy to jump right in the deep end with artistic nudes, and absolutely nailed it!  Lighting wise, a single light with a smallish reflector attached (18cm) with a grid to give the narrow spotlight effect.

The rest of the week consisted of editing, including a whole heap from last week's shoot with the beautiful Dracovinia.  Some of my favourite shots, however, the plan is to submit them to a magazine so I can't show them which is absolutely killing me!

Photo of the week this week, like every week I post her, goes to the beautiful Hylia Suicide, yep, her butt wins the week.  No subtlety there at all!

Original Instagram post here

Coming up, with a bit of luck, finishing off the calendar during the week.  Apart from that, not much currently planned.

Weekly Update 6/11/15

After a missed update last week due to personal issues, back this week with a double update!

Ok, so I'll start all the way back in October, when I worked with the always lovely Miss Phoenix. She's had this Cleopatra milk bath shoot in her head for quite a while, and finally we shot it together at one of her friend's places who had an absolutely AMAZING bath.  Lighting wise was a large octabox above the bath with a smaller light in the doorway to the room to provide a bit of fill light.  Quite happy with the look this gave.

A bit of a behind the scenes clip was shot too...

Photo of the week for that week ended up being the stunning Electra Jean wearing a Z-ENTiTY Clothing mask (and makeup by Sierra Juliet).  Shown the way it should be seen here, and not butchered with censorship on the Instagram version

This week was another quiet week, mainly due to the issues I mentioned at the start of this.  So only the one shoot which was yesterday, but what an amazing shoot.  It's become a bit of a tradition to do a photo shoot on my birthday, so this year was the always amazing and beautiful Dracovinia

The entire outdoor shoot was shot with natural light (very unusual for me to be down at the beach shooting without strobes!), and SOOOOO many photos I want to show, but alas, I'm planning on submitting them to a magazine.  Fingers crossed there...

Photo of the week this week was the gorgeous Katarina Sin from our recent work together.  Another natural light shot!

Original Instagram post here

Coming up, tomorrow I'm shooting for my calendar (can't wait to show this off!) along with a bit of fetish stuff, so that should be a little different to my usual.  Nothing much else booked in, but I'm sure something will come up!

Weekly Update 23/10/15

Another week done and dusted, and getting to the business end of the year!

This week a couple of shoots. Firstly was with the amazingly cute Dahlia Black.  Originally we planned a beach shoot but a couple of things ended up getting in the way of that, so instead we postponed that for the near future and shot a natural light grunge set.  Pretty happy with how the shoot came out, and love playing with lens flare from the sun.  In this pic, I actually toned down the flare in Capture One (bringing up the black point) and then reapplied it in Photoshop adding a slight amount of colour to it using a dark green to dark red gradient set on the "Screen" blending mode.

And for my other shoot this week, it was the lovely Amber Ravine who I worked with last year.  Time to get down to the beach on an absolutely amazing afternoon to get some great results.  The standout shots for me were the silhouette ones right on sunset, but we did do quite a number of other shots too.

Photo of the week time, and a VERY close win to Katarina Sin over the Dahlia Black shot I shared above.  More natural light with this one, and no need to censor for a change!

Original link here.

Coming up, a couple of shoots planned, Sunday into a bath, some time during the week into a gym and finally another studio shoot.  As for the models involved in those, you'll just have to wait and see.

Weekly Update 16/10/15

Another quiet week this week due to model illness. Ahh well, it happens. Nothing much to actually report beyond a couple of videos being reported and taken down on YouTube (I still don't understand why, they're within the Community Guidelines as I read them - and as I write this, my appeal has gone through successfully and they have been allowed again, but age restricted). Beyond that I did a bit of a animation that was fun. I was hoping to have another one complete for tonight, but alas, rendering time has meant that will finish too late.

On the technical side, I did the photo edit in Photoshop, the smoke effect & composite in Blackmagic Fusion, then the looping was done back in Photoshop again and output as a GIF file.

Photo of the week time.  This week, the amazing Electra Jean comes in with the awesome mask provided by Z-ENTiTY clothing (you really owe it to yourself to check out their stuff!).  Great makeup by Sierra Juliet, and as usual, uncensored here.

Original censored version here

Coming up, tomorrow I'm working with the AMAZING Dahlia Black who I've wanted to photograph for a very long time.  A couple of others planned too, so hopefully there'll be more to report than this week!