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What photographing artistic nudes means to me

Currently artistic nudes are my favourite genre to shoot, and a lot of people would say "you're a guy, you just like seeing boobs", and it's not that at all for me. So many people don't realise that when we're taking photos, we're not looking so much at that, it's more the pose, the angles, the composition, the light, etc. It's the last thing that crosses our minds as non pervy photographers. Yes, sometimes we have to think like those that will view our photographs, but it's a different thought process than what most non photographers think.

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Popularity on social media

I think at some stage in the career of every creative, they will think if they should do things they like or things others like. I felt like writing a post about it after being inspired by a single paragraph on a friends blog (which you should totally check out).  No photos in this, just my thoughts put down in text, may be worthwhile to some, may be a rambling mess...

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