Best of 2019 (NSFW)

Another year has gone on by, so here's what I consider my best photos of 2019 - I couldn't narrow down below 13. Some aren't in the galleries here as they're for a special project coming in 2020.

This first one was from February with the amazing Raquel Sparrow. A Hutt-slayer Leia (I won't use the other term) has been on my bucket list since I started.  Shot down at Black Rock, I figured if I could keep the water and greenery out of the photo, it would make a great stand-in for Tattooine.

Another one from February, this time with Casey Sweet. I've been a fan of fashion nudes for a very long time, and what a model to shoot it with!

On to April with Samie. One of the very early models I worked with, it's great to keep photographing her. Topless and jeans is that classic look, and it's great to see her take on it.

Nakita and I have been chatting on Instagram for YEARS. It's a shame we've only worked together twice (damn that whole living in different countries thing).  We always get something awesome though.  This one from May I had in my head before the shoot, I figured, the dark rocks, and blue water would be an amazing contrast against her pale skin and red locks.

Given how long we've been friends on Facebook, I'm shocked that this was Cat and my first photo shoot together.  It took until July this year!

I still can't believe I was scared to originally approach Dahlia Black for a photo shoot, she's so sweet and down to earth! Back in August we came up with this beauty!

I don't think Samii La Morte and I have ever had a bad shoot together, not bad considering we've done 32 shoots together over the years. This is another one from August, and it's great to see Samii getting out of her typical comfort zone into something a little new.

Back in September, I finally got to shoot Emmy-Lee again.  She's so busy, it's a shame we can't work together as much as we used to.  Still, every shoot is amazing. This pic was originally shot while shooting my shower series, but this one had different lighting, so I decided to give it different treatment.

How do you fit four women in a shower? Hopefully this pic answers that question! Also from September, such a fun shoot with (from the left) Kitessa, Dracovinia, Little Miss Bones and Casey Sweet.

From the same shoot as the previous shot, I absolutely LOVE this solo pic of Little Miss Bones. Talk about nailing the pose!

Shot on my 40th Birthday in November, Kat braved the cold to come shoot at the beach. It's fun shooting from a different angle with the drone. I love the lines of this shot. Kat is by far my most shot model with 37 photo shoots together.

After both of us having to want to work together for quite a while, Jayden and I finally got a shoot together in the middle of November. This particular shot very quickly became one of my most popular photos on the various social media platforms (unfortunately it had to be censored there).

Something soft and beautiful to end the year off with (yes, shot in December). The beauty of pregnancy with Ayla Skye.

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