Weekly update 24/04/16

Wow, ok, no posts because I was stupidly quiet, now no posts coz I've been stupidly busy! When it rains it pours, but I love it!

Lets start with the beautiful Dahlia Black. It's been a long time coming, but finally managed to get her into the studio! A very quick shoot, but with a few different looks. Some of the Alvarado style stuff (who she has actually worked with), playing with the ring flash, then finishing with the harsh B&W stuff I've been doing lately.  All in various forms of lingerie (yep, tough job).

Next up, from the USA, the absolutely amazing Nicole Vaunt.  When I heard she was coming over here again (I missed out last year), I quickly sent her a message.  Lucky for me, she was keen to shoot.  Unfortunately traffic got in the way of us doing more, but wow, the sets we did do, absolutely amazing.  Struggling to narrow down my favourites out of these!

From a beautiful day one day, to an average day the next, didn't stop the gorgeous Sonya Lynn (who came all the way from Singapore for a holiday/shoots in Melbourne) and I getting some amazing art nudes down the coast near Arthur's Seat.  A mix of natural light and strobes were the order of the day, with some amazing charcoal coloured rocks at Cape Schank in the natural light shots.

This brings us to Monday with the always stunning Vicky Aisha showing off her new hair style.  She looks so different (I've only ever known her with the shaved head on one side).  A quick studio shoot with a couple of different lighting styles.  The set with the ringflash being my favourite.  Not posted below this paragraph though, you can look down lower for it (hint at the photo of the week...)

Thursday was a private client, but with plans to shoot some portfolio stuff very soon, so you'll have to watch this space!  Some beautiful pics however, I can't wait for people to see them.

Friday, once again, I photographed the exquisite Dracovinia.  A set of three photos below, the left one being the original concept then we just ran with it a bit and figured a triptych would work well.  Also a few other sets for this you'll have to wait for!

Finally (phew!) yesterday, the ever elegant, Memphis Black.  Unfortunately this shoot is for a magazine submission, so alas, I can't share any yet.  Some of our best work to date though I think!

After all of that, two photos of the week to post.  Firstly, the amazing Venus Star from our recent shoot.  Yep, shared this one in the last post, but I LOVE it!

Original Instagram link here

And for this week, another photo that went crazy on likes.  Not quite as much as the one I wrote about in my last post, but still more than 10 times the usual numbers I get (and second most popular ever).  As hinted at above, the stunning Vicky.

Original link here

Coming up, yep, not letting up, a few shoots booked in, but ha, I'm going to make you wait.  I just hope it's not two weeks I'll make you wait for!

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