Weekly (lol) update 8/04/16

Well, here I am... it's been a while... and yes, due to personal commitments, I haven't been shooting. My first since the last update was an amazing all day shoot with the stunning Venus Starr!

So from 9am to 9pm, a lot of driving, and half a dozen different looks, we're done. Such an amazing model to work with, I had almost forgotten how amazing she was on our last shoot.  It's always fun when an internationally published popular model wants to do multiple shoots with you.  My Elinchrom Eco ringflash being the star of the day lighting wise, although the Phottix Luna still got a bit of a workout.  Here's a couple of pics we came up with...

Many photos of the week to catch up on.  Firstly, we have Katarina Sin and Drizzy in the studio... quite a popular pic for me getting more likes than the usual winner....

Original link here

Next up, the stunning Twitchling from our shoot last year.

Original censored version (with my lovely censorship text) here

And finally, this one is from today, and still going up at a crazy rate, my most popular photo by FAR to date, the beautiful Dahlia Black

Original here (worth checking out just for the number of likes!)

Coming up over the next week.  Well, some amazing stuff.  Today's pic of the day winner is in my studio tomorrow and the absolutely amazing Nicole Vaunt has travelled over from the USA and I've got her booked in for the end of the week... can't wait!  I'm wanting to book more in next week too.  Fingers crossed.

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