Weekly (well, I try) Update 18/03/16

Well, looks like I jumped the gun with the last update. Nothing ended up happening. This week however a couple of shoots to share... well, one to share, one to write about.

So firstly we have my shoot last night with the amazing Jaskola.  Her face paint was done by Taylor Wilson.  Going for a bit of an alien theme with this one.  Also let me play a little with hard light and barn doors.  Typically with no catch lights in the eyes, I'm not normally a fan of the shot, but in this case, due to it being a little alien, I don't mind it so much.

Tonight, the always stunning Dracovinia in a stupidly quick shoot of half an hour.  We actually got the shot we wanted within the first dozen shots, then decided, hey, lets take a few more photos of a slightly different style.  So a bit of regular posing, some hair flicks, and we're all done!  No pics of this yet, so watch this space.

I have done a couple of videos recently too from behind the scenes of my shoots.  First up we have the beautiful Phoebe

The other video I put together was the lovely Laura from her very first ever photo shoot.  Such a smiley model, I love it!

On to the photos of the week for the last two weeks.

Last week, the amazing duo, Katarina Sin and Drizzy getting a little erotic and fetish...

Original censored version (with my usual writing on it) available here

This week, the award goes to my "throwback Thursday" pic of the gorgeous Sami Sparrow

Original link here

Coming up, nothing set in stone yet, so we'll see!  Lots of editing however on the horizon!

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