Weekly Update 6/03/16 (whoops)

Yup, two days late. I have a valid excuse though, this time, filled with a couple of shoots! More content for you all!

It all started on Saturday with an awesome shoot with the always amazing Dracovinia.  Such an amazing model.  A trip to Gembrook in the Dandenong ranges to meet up with the lovely Red Phoenix Photography due to her knowing the area (plus always fun to have along).  A nice waterfall area to shoot some artistic nudes on.  The downside to being a waterfall, you can't hear anything... yep, a group of people managed to catch us.  We didn't notice until we were packing up.  Ahhh well, such is life and luckily Dracovinia isn't shy.  Continuing on after that, into so rocks in a nice gothic outfit, shot some pics with the plan on some heavy Photoshop (and Fusion) work afterwards.  This is what I came up with...

Fast forward nearly a week and I have the always amazing Katarina Sin along with the beautiful Drizzy in my studio for a bit of a play around.  Moving into the erotica territory here, this is one of the pics we came up with.  It's had polarising views on it.  Some love it, some hate it.

Finishing up the shoots for the week, and technically if I did this post on time, it would have shown up in next weeks post, yesterday consisted of the gorgeous Aeryn Walker.  Playing in one of my favourite locations, but with natural light for a change, then on to the studio later on.

Photo of the week this week goes to a very cheeky Twitchling.  Her expression speaks for itself in this...

Original censored Instagram version can be found here

Coming up, so far only Tuesday booked, but I'm sure there'll be more in there.

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