Weekly Update 5/02/16

Ok, so yes, I missed last week. But you didn't miss much, my only shoot I had planned ended up being rescheduled. So quiet this time of year, it's almost surprising, I thought so many would be keen for beach photo shoots!

Speaking of beach photo shoots, only one shoot this week, and it was with the always amazing Anita. Original plan was to head around the bay a fair way (the beaches tend to get better the further away from the city you get), but the weather had no idea if it wanted to be bright and sunny or rain. So as an alternative, we went nice and close to Port Melbourne.

The day ended up being quite sunny and due to the time of day we were shooting the sun was quite high in the sky. Not normally a good time of day to do this sort of photo shoot, but having some quite powerful lights with me allowed me to make the most of it.  Normally shooting in the bright sun at this time of day will cause some serious shadows in the eyes.  Not a very glamorous look.  Using a very small reflector on the light itself (rather than a large softbox), allowed me to effectively lower the sun.  By keeping the light in pretty much the same direction, just lowered, it filled in all those harsh shadows.  

So this week, due to missing out last week, becomes photos of the weeks.... two posts.  Last week, the most popular post of the week was the always lovely Dahlia Black from my first photo shoot of the year.

Feel free to check out the original Instagram post right here

As for this week, a special bonus pic, one from Anita's shoot from the weekend.  A little more booty in this shot, showing off why Wicked Weasel bikinis are pretty popular

Once again, Instagram link here

Coming up, a couple booked in, hopefully they all go through!  We'll just have to wait and see.

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