Weekly Update 26/02/16

Another week zips on past, I swear they're getting shorter. Maybe I'm just old? If you haven't checked it out already, earlier today I posted my interview with the always AMAZING Katarina Sin who launched her website this week.

On to my shoots, this week two of them.  One I can't share though unfortunately due to waiting for a magazine submission.  However, the cutoff for that was this week also, so hopefully with a little luck I'll be able to pop them up soon.

The first shoot this week was with the extremely cute Laura in her very first photo shoot.  It was a little exciting for me too as she is the first non-model I have approached and handed one of my cards, asking her if she was interested.  I have known her for a little white however although not very closely.

Quite excited and seemingly a little nervous, she did an amazing job.  That smile (way down below... yes, a hint to what else is coming in this blog post) is absolutely genuine too, it was actually tricky to get a serious shot of her!  Don't let anyone tell you modelling is easy, it's tough work and requires quite a lot of concentration.  For a first shoot however, she did amazingly well, and coming up with some quite nice results.  Lighting wise, a very large softbox (135cm Octa) doing the duty in various locations.  Being the middle of the day, while out in the bright sun, it was providing fill light duties, but in the shade, key light (with ambient being fill).  Not that I can't overpower the sun with it, but I actually quite liked the look of this setup.

On to the other shoot, the always lovely and amazing Faye Fatale.  This set was entirely natural light shot right on sunset in a couple of outdoor locations.  Quite close to where I am, so I'll definitely be going back there for more shoots.  I'm quite looking forward to being able to show these however as they are quite different to my typical style (a bit of a challenge to myself for this year, to break out of what I usually fall back on).

On to the photo of the week.  This week, the most liked on my Instagram page goes to Laura.  Not bad for a first time model!

Original Instagram link right here

Coming up, only one firmly booked in, tomorrow with the always stunning Dracovinia!  A couple of concepts for this one, I can't wait to share!

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