Weekly Update 19/02/2016

Yes yes, I know I missed another week, but it was another week where nothing happened. I promise I'll make it up to you all!

However this week, two shoots. One for clients that I won't show here, but it's totally different to what I usually do, kids for commercial shots.  A lot of fun, but exhausting.  Not something I'd move to permanently, however, it's good as a change.

The shoot I can show you however, was a bit of an experimental day.  Shooting the always lovely Phoebe Clare out in the Cobaw State Forest (where the fires were last year) surrounded by burnt trees, rocks and regrowth.  A bit of a different style for me, but I'm really liking it.  Keep an eye out as I refine it over the coming months!  After that, back to the old favourite, the abandoned mill.  A bit more exploring and into a new section I hadn't been before.  Quite high up (which is why I hadn't been there), but very cool.  I have ideas here for the future.  The whole day shot in natural light.

Photo of the week, well, two weeks.  Last week, the amazing Vicky Aisha winning again.  What a surprise!

Original Instagram Link Here

This week goes to the stunning Twitchling, shown here uncensored as it's meant to be seen.

To see my censorship, click here

Coming up, well, in for a treat.  Two shoots scheduled for tomorrow currently, and another for Monday.  Some beautiful stuff on it's way with any luck!

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