Interview: Katarina Sin

To coincide with the launch of her brand new website - - I have an interview with the woman herself, check it out below!

Brief Bio

My name is Katarina Sin (Katelyn is my birth name) I'm a 22 year old model from Melbourne, Australia

What first got you involved with modelling?

Funnily enough I started out at about 4 doing modelling for Designer Kids clothing, Posh Kids and generic "junk mail" magazines Have always sung since a young age and was part of the Australian girls choir during primary school, After that I went on to dancing, where I eventually was accepted into the Young Australian Broadway chorus. I then became your average teenager and took a short break before finally going back into dancing and cheerleading for my local basketball team / doing small competitions. Fast forward 3 years moving up and back from Queensland and turning 18 ended up doing my first shoot back in, for an erotic art book that was being made by small Melbourne photographer and felt that I had found my passion again, started dancing this time looking back to the classics and one of my idols Betty Page and found a passion in burlesque and all things demure and sultry. Haven't looked back since.

What is your favourite aspect of modelling?

Being able to totally tune out and focus on a deeper part of yourself almost becoming a higher more confident version of yourself and then putting that into your poses and images I have a very creative soul

What style of modelling is your favourite?

Definitely pin up, although I don't do anywhere near enough for my liking, after that it would definitely be erotic art nude

How do you prepare for a shoot?

I think how every girl does organising outfits/concepts, long ass shower making sure all relevant areas are smooth and clean.  Cleanse and moisturise for makeup artist, or preferably thanks to practice, do my own makeup and hair 

When selecting your favourite photos from a shoot, what are you looking for? 

Usually depends on the style of shoot I'm doing, but usually good lines, a lot of body language and a good facial expression 

What is your favourite piece of clothing or accessory you like using in a shoot? 

Definitely would have to be lingerie.  Can't go wrong with a good set and some stockings 

Where do you see your modelling headed in the next 3 years? 

I have no idea I'm happy going wherever it takes me at the moment, although I'd love to aim for more publications and possibly enter a few pageants.  But it's all gonna take lots of perseverance and dedication and I'd like to think that my passion will help lead me when I'm ready 

Any advice to aspiring models?

At first, just be safe It's mostly just learning how to read people.  If something doesn't feel right trust your gut and do what you have to.  Never let anyone make you feel like you have to shoot anything you don't want to, but also have fun exploring yourself and try different things until you find something that's comfortable and works for you 

How do you like your photographers to behave on a shoot? 

I like to be able to have a chat.  It can be intimidating meeting new people especially ones that take pictures of hundreds of beautiful girls a year, so it's nice to shoot with photographers that pep you up a little while you shoot 

Tell us about your various tattoos and any meanings they may have. 

I'll be here all day hahaha So here's the most important ones to me and links to the artists instagrams 

Upper outer arm: are my fur babies, Oscar (monocle) and Luna (note crescent moon on forehead) some people treat their animals like family I am one of those people, this was done by an artist named Rhys, at full moon tattoo prahran, thank you Rhys. (@rhyspiecestattoos

Sternum: is one of the sailor moon pendants (crisis moon compact in particular) this was definitely my most memorable, favourite cartoon from my childhood, was originally done in Dandenong and recently retouched by an artist from Queensland named Taylor (@taylor420

Legs: both my leg tattoos, my stocking seams and my Betty page/stencil art tribute were done by an artist and old family friend Jamin, they are both tributes to that era which I would have loved to be able to see, and continues to enchant me everyday, and now I never have to go anywhere without my stockings (@jaminswaneveld

How did you first discover Sam Dickinson Photography? 

We met at Sexpo while I was working for an alt modelling group.  We did our first shoot together in an old abandoned factory filled with creepy insane pigeons (cue photo) and then a cute brick wall shoot in Williamstown hit it off ever since I guess.  He's become a friend to me first and photographer second although we have a hard time moderating our creative flow together 

What is your favourite photo that we’ve taken together? 

There's too many hahaha Probably the impala shot where I'm stepping out of the car The pink lingerie pinup set And I wanna mention them all Because there's different things I love about each of them, but again I'll be here all day

Any parting words? 

Thank you Sam, for everything. Mostly for taking me under your wing when I was first starting out I wouldn't be the model I am today if it wasn't for you, your encouragement and never ending kindness I'll always have time for you.

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