Weekly Update 23/1/16

Another week and another shoot, yeah, it's kind of a quiet time of year! So this is a day late, yup, I know.... blame Diablo 3!

This week was the lovely Kylie Alexandra in her first ever beach shoot and my first ever pool shoot! It's surprising considering how close to the beach she lives, and enjoys beach activities that she had never done one before.  Myself, I've been wanting to shoot at a pool for a very long time, and yeah, it was everything I thought it'd be.  I'm going to have to source another one for future shoots!  Lighting wise, this shot was just a single large Octabox on one side, and the sun lighting Kylie from behind.  Pretty much as easy as it gets!

Photo of the week this week shows off the lovely booty of Kellie from our shoot late last year in the burnt out Cobaw State Forest.  I still really like the tribal makeup by Rachel Emily.

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Coming up, a whole lot of nothing at the moment.  I had a couple planned, but they seem to have fallen through at the last minute.  Ahh well, a break is always good!

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