Weekly (nearly) Update 8/01/16

Well, here we are... 2016, yes, I know I missed last week. Slack. I did do my best of 2015 post though!

So only two shoots in the last two weeks, and only one of those to share pics of here (still working on the other).  Firstly it was the lovely Dallas Rayne in an AMAZING location (which I've been sworn to secrecy!).  Quite a mix of outfits and backgrounds, but all glamour!  It's been a while since I've shot straight up glam, a bit out of practice.  Some nice shots there however.  Nothing to show yet though.  You'll just have to keep an eye on my various social media accounts (linked on the About page).

First shoot for 2016 however goes to the gorgeous Dahlia Black in a beach shoot we've been talking about for quite a while.  Stupid me however didn't pack enough triggers... grrrr, but hey, natural light is always fun, especially when shot at the "wrong" time of day.  Don't let anyone tell you not to do it.  Know how light works, and how to use any type of light to your advantage (open shade is wonderful, or possibly play with harsh shadows, use natural reflectors, etc).  The particular photo below, I saw the location in nice shade, but shadows filled in with the light reflecting off the sand.  I'm absolutely stoked with the light in this shot.

Final photo of the week for 2015 went to the awesome Twitchling in a photo that almost made it in to the best of 2015, this is the alternate one of the actual one that made it in.

Original link here

This week, a little quieter than usual, I guess people are away still.  The most liked however went to the shot of Dahlia I posted above!  Original can be found here

Coming up in the next week, currently I only have a shoot booked in for tomorrow, one I've been wanting to do for a VERY long time.  Should be fun!  Maybe another can be booked in at some stage too!

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