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Wow, what a year. 91 shoots, across the 52 weeks. That's a whole lot of edits!  A whole mix of stuff too, fashion, bikini, lingerie, beauty, art nude, glam nude, event... crazy.  Also a couple of big shoots that have been in talks for years too (yep, looking directly at you Venus Starr!).  New friends made, new models becoming regulars and put out a calendar (still available if you want one, just send me an email using the contact page) which ended up being a lot more difficult that I originally expected (however, the end result is totally worth it).

Firstly on to the models.  Top 10 (well, 11 due to ties) that I have worked with this year...

11-7 - Five lovely ladies tied on three shoots each with the lovely Rae Le Strange, Memphis Black, Kellie, Kylie Alexandra and Dracovina.

6 & 5 - Miss Phoenix and Phoebe Clare are tied on four shoots each

4 - Goes to the amazing Anita Petrovski who I've done five shoots with this year (four of them in her apartment!)

3 & 2 - Goes to two of my most popular models on Instagram in Samii La Morte and Vicky Aisha (I swear that the majority of my followers come from her).  Six shoots each with these amazing models.

1 - Top spot goes to someone who I truly consider a close friend these days (not that the ladies above aren't friends too...) and it's been great seeing her go from a beginning model to someone absolutely amazing that is often posted in the various Facebook groups, the beautiful Katarina Sin, who I managed to knock out 10 shoots with this year!  She has also brought a number of other models into my studio and in front of my camera with six of those shoots being duo sets.

Now on to the photos.  Here in all their uncensored glory, the way they are meant to be seen.  Unfortunately one of my favourites I can't post due to it being published, but trust me, that will be announced EVERYWHERE when it happens, I have however posted another favourite from that day, which is pretty close to being the favourite anyway.

I had a hard time keeping this down to 10.  So many photos JUST missing out.  Says to me I've had a very successful year!


This photo of Miss Phoenix was a concept she had in her head for a very long time.  Upon finding an AMAZING location we got to work.  Lighting for this was a large Octobox above her along with a fill light way back behind me.  These days it's quite difficult to do a milk bath shoot that doesn't look totally cliché and while this plays off the history of Cleopatra bathing in milk I believe it has a slight different spin on it.  Also unusual for me is applying the matte effect (see here) on a colour image.  I'm not usually a fan, but it softened this picture to match the content.


Shot about six weeks before fires managed to wipe out the majority of the Cobaw State Forest (including this spot), I managed to shoot a concept I've had in my head for a few years.  Lucky for me, I had a model keen to shoot it, and someone to supply the wings (funnily enough, it was Miss Phoenix who is posted at #10).  Shot in natural light and funnily enough, the pose made the photo entirely Facebook safe!  I have worked with Kellie three times this year, and every time, we have come out with some amazing pics.  Any one of those shoots could actually end up here.


Someone I really want to work with a whole lot more, right from when I first heard about Silhouette D'Amour, I saw that she was an absolutely amazing model.  Don't let appearances fool you, while she may look quiet and subtle, it's quite far from the truth.  Always a fun time working with her, and I enjoy our frequent online chats too!  Lighting wise, this is just a typical clamshell setup (stupid me kept adjusting the power on the wrong light at first too, wondering why I couldn't get the look I wanted... DERP!), what really makes this photo for me, is that amazing eye-liner artwork she applied before the shoot!


What an awesome year to be a Star Wars fan.  A new movie out that is actually good!  This was shot a few months before the release however, and slightly unplanned. Faye Fatale was wondering what props I had around the house to use in the studio, and I just happened to notice my lightsabre out of the corner of my eye while hunting around.  A bit of Photoshop play in this one.  There's the obvious blade pic, but then some that unless pointed out you may not realise.  For starters, her underwear was actually pink to begin with, then there's a few other subtleties such as the slight red glow on her face.  Lighting was very basic with a large Octobox right behind me as I shot this against a plain white wall in my studio. 


So difficult picking this photo out of the set with Phoebe Clare for the Top 10 for the year.  Even now as I write this, there's probably five other photos that equally deserve to be here.  Such an amazing model to work with.  I actually met Phoebe a few years ago, but alas we never worked together until this shoot.  After this, we were both asking "why did we wait so long?".  Lighting for this is a look that I've been using for a lot of my shoots since this, a beauty dish without the reflector on a boom arm in front of the model with me shooting directly under it.


My most popular Instagram post, with little wonder why.  Vicky Aisha with that AMAZING booty she works so hard to maintain, wearing not much, and being a badass while doing it.  This was shot on the set of Blacklisted Vision's first part of "What is the Syndicate?".  A lot going on that day, but during some of the quiet periods, we managed to get in a couple of snaps.  Natural light here, shot at the "wrong" time of day.


The most recent picture in this top 10 list (shot only two weeks ago), the awesome Twitchling getting into my studio.  This was deliberately kept subtle right from the lighting (just bounced off the ceiling of my studio) to the processing (love how that desaturated effect came up).  There is a very similar photo on my Instagram that I also posted this week, and either photo deserves this spot.  Nice to make use of the wooden floor in the studio too.  For some reason, I tend to find the floor to wall join very awkward to work with, but I'm not finding it a distraction in this shot.


Buisness end now, Dracovina is one of those models that doesn't come by very often.  Absolutely stunning, amazing personality, and not shy!  This pic was actually shot on my birthday which ended up being a very weird day weather wise, even by Melbourne's standards.  Luckily for us, this distance away from the city, the weather was actually quite sunny to the stage where we were worried we may actually get sunburnt, but cloudy enough that I just shot with natural light.  This particular shot is a very close #2 from the sets that day, with #1 waiting to be published in a magazine.  More of that to come.


Working so much with Katarina Sin this year, it was pretty obvious that she was going to be near the top of this list.  So many great photos, so many great times.  It's very enjoyable spending time with her, which shows through in the work we create.  This particular photo was shot in natural light once again.  Funny story from this shoot is that she was getting changed behind those rocks in the pic, and while nobody had been walking by for quite a while, at that exact moment, a couple of groups of kids decided they wanted to try to explore up there.  Typical!


Shot all the way back in early March, this picture of the walking Barbie Doll herself, Gabriella Grace, was going to take a lot to top.  Right from the moment I took it, I knew it was going to be a winner.  It was one of those photos that you could see the final output of (including the B&W processing) in your head right as you pressed the button.  Natural light again, and funnily enough, shot in the same location as #2 and #3.  The biggest complement I received for this photo was from my wife saying she'd love me to print it, frame it and hang it in our living room (Gabriella also has it in her living room too!).  Along the way in publishing it in various places I have received a lot of complements from people that aren't even normally into nudes.

So, do you agree with my best of 2015? Want to have your say?  Feel free to hit me up on FacebookTwitterTumblr or Instagram and let me know what you think!

I'd like to send a BIG thank you out to every single model who posed in front of my camera this year.  Without you, my life would not nearly be as fulfilling as it is.

Bring on 2016!

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