Sam Dickinson Photography

About Me

Hi, I'm Sam, an award winning photographer based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. While I specialise in nude and glamour photography, I also enjoy photographing other genres such as fashion and cosplay and also have an affinity for black and white styled photographs.

I believe photo shoots should be fun, and this is how I approach my shoots, with some of the biggest compliments I receive being that I make the model (including those who don't consider themselves models) feel good. From the final photos to the shoot itself, I make it my aim to make someone feel as good about themselves, and see themselves as their friends and family see them. To me, that is an amazing feeling.

I have had the honour of being published in various magazines around the world including Penthouse, Volo, Zoo Weekly, The International, Jynd and many others, along with winning a couple of awards along the way too. I am honoured to say most of my clients come back for multiple photo shoots.

My History

From a young age, I really enjoyed playing around with my Dad's old Pentax ME Super SLR. Since then photography has been in and out of my life in various forms. In high school the passion was renewed in taking photography classes (and learning to develop my own prints), which I continued into university, seeking out classes unrelated to the degree I was working towards. At the age of 21 I received my first digital camera, a Kodak DC3400 (a 2.1 Megapixel camera which still works to this day).

My passion for photography really took off when I received my first Digital SLR (Nikon D5000) camera in 2009 and, since then, I have dived into it head first, picking up plenty of gear and techniques along the way.

Early in 2010 I was introduced to two photographers, David Reid and Edward Hor, who really shaped the direction I wanted to take my photography in, while also inspiring me to explore and experiment with different styles.